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Attached to Project: Legends
Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 04.08.2019

xWoW#8 - Quest: Reconnaissance Flight ID:12671

The Problem:The speed of the plane when the player gets control of the plane in order to land it and complete the quest.

How it should work: After the automatic flight, when the player gets control of the plane the movement speed is considerably higher alowing him to finish the quest before the plane explodes. Along with this when the player gets the plane control, the flying UP/DOWN axis are locked which stucks the player at a certain altittude.

How it does work: It does the automatic fight, the plane spells are working corectly, but when the player gets control of the plane the speed changes to really slow.

How to reproduce: After the player gets control of the plane, the speed should remain the same as the automatic travel speed of the plane.

Joshua Nelson commented on 06.08.2019 06:04 PM

I've had similar experience on this quest. What i noticed was that trigger to initiate the "engine blowout" phase did not trigger 100% of the time. I think the difference was the amount of damage i took from the gargoyles, because the first time I took no damage, the blowout did not trigger, and thus i couldn't land the plane.

The second time when it did work I had waited for the gargoyles to hit me until the engine blew up. Then in the engine blowout phase, i flew back and landed with success.

Another thing to note is that in retail the gargoyles shot shadow bolts at the player's plane and on here they do "Melee Swing" so they're much likelier to not hit the plane enough times due to range constraints.

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