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14Loot Chest from 4 horseman in Naxx 10 disappeared befor...UnconfirmedHighRaids
Task Description

The Problem:After downing the 4 horseman in Naxx 10 on 8/18 approx 4:30 - 4:45ST (Raid instance 124) The loot crate was opened by "shaimz" (crate contained Charmed Cierge and warlock tier i believe) but before anything could be looted the loot crate despawned. Only maybe 60 seconds tops had gone by before it despawned so it didnt sit there for an extended period of time.

How it should work: You should be able to loot it before it despawns

How it does work: It despawned within 60 seconds of spawning

How to reproduce: I dont know if it can be reproduced.

13Death Knight starting zone questUnconfirmedLowQuests
Task Description

The Problem: The quest ,, How to win friends and influence enemies " does not work.

How it should work:  Equip the items from the box ( 2 one - handed swords ) and auto atack the Scarlet Crusade mobs

How it does work: I equip the swords and auto atack the Scarlet Crusade and nothing happens

How to reproduce: 

12High ilvl gearUnconfirmedHighOther
Task Description

The Problem:In game charahter Kyorochan, had Runed Signet of the Kirin Tor ilvl 256 and Etched Signet of the Kirin Tor ilvl 226. I inspected this character, and looked it up in the Armory. 

How it should work: I thought the only upgraded ring you could get was Inscribed Signet of the Kirin Tor 213.

How it does work: 

How to reproduce: 

11Paladin Quest not availableUnconfirmedHighPaladin
Task Description

The Problem: Unable to execute quest "The second Trial"

How it should work: "supposed to appear a crystal in the middle of the pavillon to start the quest, 

How it does work: however it's not showing any signs of the crystal in, near or arround the pavillon.

How to reproduce: train a paladin to desired level to execute quest. 

10Sons of Hodir Quest ChainUnconfirmedLowQuests
Task Description

The Problem: Hi When doing quest - Mending Fences (kill Fjorn and 5 Stormforged Iron Ginats) i killed 3 giants usng the boulders to call the Earthborn Ironbane. Then killed Fjorn. Once he was dead, using the boulders no longer called the Ironbane so no assistance to kill the giants despite having 2 more to kill.

How it should work: I am unsure if you should kill 5 giants before Fjorn, but i have never seen this happen part way through where the boulder no longer works. But i haven't played retail so unsure of the proper process.

How it does work: Apart from the problem stated the quest seems to work fine. I obviously cannot check now if killing 5 giants first will work, so not sure if killing Fjorn is the actual cause.

How to reproduce: Get someone on the quest, kill 1, 2 or 3 giants, kill Fjorn then try giants again. They probably won't die.

9Paladin Seal of corruptionUnconfirmedMediumPaladin
Task Description

The Problem:Seal of Corruption (Seal of Vengeance maybe aswell)

How it should work: When you have one "blood stack" from the damage over time on a target, each hit should apply the extra attack but an increasing value up to 33%

Columm 1 is number of stacks, columm 2 is the extra damage and columm 3 is with the talent Seals of the pure, the level 10 talent in the holy tree

0 0% 0%
1 6.6% 7.6%
2 13.2% 15.2%
3 19.8% 22.8%
4 26.4% 30.4%
5 33% 38%

How it does work: Now it only enables the extra attack once you have reached 5 stacks

How to reproduce: Use seal of corruption and auto attack untill you have 1-5 blood stacks on a target

From patch notes 3.2.0

Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption: These seals have been redesigned. Only auto-attacks and Hammer of the Righteous can place the debuff on the paladin’s current target(s). However, while the seal is active, each melee swing or ability (excluding judgements) that lands on the target will deal a percentage of weapon damage as Holy damage to the target. This damage maxes out at 33% weapon damage with 5 applications of the debuff and scales upward evenly based on how many applications of the debuff are active. This Holy damage deals double-damage critical strikes. In addition, the damage-over-time debuff is now considered a melee attack for the purposes of determining its chance to hit, miss, be dodged or parried.

Got the damage values from an old EJ post http://web.archive.org/web/20110309092008/http://elitistjerks.com/f47/t49865-paladin_retribution_pve/

8Quest: Reconnaissance Flight ID:12671UnconfirmedLowOther
Task Description

The Problem:The speed of the plane when the player gets control of the plane in order to land it and complete the quest.

How it should work: After the automatic flight, when the player gets control of the plane the movement speed is considerably higher alowing him to finish the quest before the plane explodes. Along with this when the player gets the plane control, the flying UP/DOWN axis are locked which stucks the player at a certain altittude.

How it does work: It does the automatic fight, the plane spells are working corectly, but when the player gets control of the plane the speed changes to really slow.

How to reproduce: After the player gets control of the plane, the speed should remain the same as the automatic travel speed of the plane.

7Talent: Guarded by the lightUnconfirmedHighPaladin
Task Description

The Problem: It says divine bless should refresh after every attack for 100%

How it should work: divine bless refresh for 100% when hit a enemy

How it does work: divine bless just refresh when the enemy get it with judgement of wisdom, Hammer of the Righteous and holy shield, no autoattacks, no exorcism and no hammer of wrath.


How to reproduce: 

5No Fragments in Thunderfall, Storm Peaks on the Quest "...UnconfirmedMediumQuests
Task Description

The Problem:

In Thunderfall, Storm Peaks where the Fragments from the quest "In Memoriam" should be located, none of them are visible and therefore lootable. Which makes this quest impossible to finish.


How it should work: 

Small Horn Fragments should be scattered over the area and should be lootable.


How to reproduce: 

Accepting the quest "In Memoriam" from King Jokkum in Dun Niffelem after doing the Pre-Quest to be Friendly with Sons of Hodir. Then flying to Thunderfall, which is located nearby.


What I tried:

- Flying in and out of the zone
- Abandoning the quest and reaccepting it multiple times
- Relogging and restarting the Game
- Disabling all Addons
- Clearing Cache
- Removing the Cache, Interface and WTF Folder


4Fighting enraged Wyvern and Gryphon spawn in Ebon Watch...ConfirmedLowOther
Task Description

The Problem:

Whenever a mob is pulled into Ebon Watch in Zul'Drak an enraged Wyvern and an enraged Gryphon, both level 65 whereas the Griphon is elite, spawn in the location of the Flight Master and fight each other or the Player.


How it should work: 

None of them should spawn.


How it does work: 

As soon as a mob enters the proximity of the Flight Master the Wyvern and Gryphon will spawn and fight. The Gryphon always wins, since it is elite and starts attacking the player. Although because it is only level 65, it can easily be killed.


How to reproduce: 

Just aggro a surrounding mob and run towards the Flight Master in Ebon Watch and they will instantly spawn.


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